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Putting My Experience
to Work

If I were President I would solve the nuclear North Korea problem and solve the gun control problem in America. I promise to make America the safest place in the world for people who wish to learn. 

For the nuclear North Korea problem I would first improve our diplomatic relations with Kim Jong-un. Then I would have them denuclearize in exchange for financial aid and food.  

For the gun control problem in America, I would basically have everyone get a licence and have all gun and ammo purchases registered to the card so it can be checked by the police every once and a while for what the person has purchased 


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Gun Control:

Gun control is a major problem in the U.S. because of all the recent shootings. Our stance on this topic is that we want to make laws that still have all of your same freedoms but restrict the distribution of weapons to bad people. It is controversial because some people want gun control to stop the weapons from falling into the wrong hands, but others who don’t want gun control think that gun control would take away their one safety from the threat of a shooting.


Nuclear North Korea:

North Korea has a large supply of weaponry which includes a nuclear arsenal. To fix the problem we need to have North Korea denuclearize and we need to become their ally. We need to assure the public that there is no need to be fearful. There are some people who simply want the government to destroy North Korea and be done with it.


Blood Diamonds:

The legislative branch needs to be in charge of the issue because they’re the only branch that can declare war. We need to go to war with any blood diamond operations that are still running and are on the black market because we know these rebels won’t listen to us. People will get hurt and most likely die but if we don’t do this, hundreds more will get hurt and die. We just need to make sure to talk with some African governments beforehand and be careful on choosing out target(s).


Equal Payment Laws for women:

Women are just as capable as doing everything a man can so we’re going to enforce equal payment laws on businesses and companies. So we can make sure that women are getting the money they so rightfully deserve for all the underrated hard work they’ve done over the years.


Healthcare Costs:

It goes without saying that healthcare costs are ridiculously high. It is causing many people to lose sometimes thousands for a quick trip to the hospital. This issue is very hard to solve due to certain laws like the Affordable Care Act, which are trying to help, yet they drive the costs up even more. The Rhettidential party proposes that we fix this through limiting litigation against hospitals and prescription drug companies. Being sued is one of the hospitals biggest and most expensive problems. This causes them to have to raise prices to compensate for these expenses. We believe in giving everyone a fair chance at a bright future. High healthcare costs prevent most from being able to properly take care of themselves.


Mexican Drug Cartels:

Mexican drug cartels are a problem because they are dangerous and violent, and they bring drugs into America. Currently we give Mexico money and help them to fight the drug cartels, but rather than funding violence and war in another country it would be better to fight drug cartels in our own by reducing the demand for drugs and making punishments for crimes involving drug use more severe.


Human Trafficking:

Human trafficking is a business that takes advantage of people in poverty and desperate for a better life, and manipulates them into getting what they want. It treats humans as objects. Just products that need to be sold. This issue is hard to solve, because the main ways the US is involved is as a place that most people desperately want to go to. This makes it difficult to prevent change to happen because if we just let everyone that wanted to live here come here, we will have so many immigrants that that they begin to take so many jobs that eventually they take up too much of the population. As it stands, we believe that through background checks and more security options, we can allow more people to immigrate here, while dissuading people from trying to cheat the system, and getting themselves into a bad situation.


Stem Cell Research:

 Stem Cell Research is research which involves stem cells from human embryos. America currently has a ban on government funding for stem cell research. Having this ban is not beneficial to our country because it slows down important research and wastes tissue that we are getting anyway because of abortions. We would like to provide government funding for stem cell research so we can work towards the many cures possible from this technology.



Abortion is basically when a couple gets rid of their baby during pregnancy. We are against this because every child has the right to live. We know that the reason why some couples want to get rid of their children is because they can’t afford to take care of them or didn’t mean to. There are a bunch of alternate to prevents this, the government can give couples even more money to take care of their child or we can put them straight into foster homes or orphanages.


Chinese Labor Issues:

Although fair treatment is one of the issues we as Americans hold in high regards, there are still many manufacturing companies in china that supply the US with imported goods treating their employees unfairly. Safety regulations are not up to par with what they should be, minimum wage is not nearly enough for employees to support themselves, and the age restriction is too loose, and allows too many. Young children in the already dangerous workplace. This is very controversial because many suppliers in America depend on these companies for supplies, and solving the mistreatment of employees would drive up prices, which in turn makes most products more expensive. We believe in protecting the rights of all people, including those in different countries.


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